Licensing and Support

Can DBA handle multiple production facilities or multiple companies?

Our financial transfer capability makes DBA ideally suited for handling multiple production facilities, multiple companies, or remote shipping warehouses. Each operating entity has its own DBA system and each system uses the financial transfer to update a central general ledger in your financial accounting system for consolidated financial reporting. If production facilities supply each other with subassemblies or finished items, purchase orders are used to make inter-facility transfers.

Each operating entity must be furnished with its own DBA system and license so that it has its own users, items, BOMs, customers, suppliers, MRP, and shop control. This enables the "Total Control" process workflow to be managed efficiently without being compromised with conflicting data from other entities.

Each operating entity uses the standard chart of accounts, but accounts can be cross-referenced to destination accounts in the central general ledger as needed to differentiate the different entities within consolidated financial reports.

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