Implementation, Training, and System Setup

Can I implement DBA on my own?

Absolutely. Any company willing to put in time and effort can follow the steps in our product Startup Wizard to get the system up and running, using our support for help with questions. The overwhelming majority of the 1000+ companies currently under license have implemented the system on their own without outside help.

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If you get some outside help

If you choose to get some outside help, that person can save time by following the steps and recommendations in the Startup Wizard so that you get more value for your service dollar.

Does implementation require special expertise?

You do not have to be a DBA "expert" to implement the system. We have created a highly specific, step-by-step process in our Startup Wizard that can be used by anyone.

No accounting conversion is required

Self-implementation is further facilitated because no accounting system conversion is required. DBA includes a standard chart of accounts that eliminates the need for special accounting and manufacturing knowledge to set up the general ledger. Our financial transfer capability enables you to continue using your existing accounting system without interruption for all financial processes, including receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and financial reporting.

Your major master tables will be imported

Your major master tables - customers, suppliers, items, prices, bill of materials (BOM), and routings - will be imported using our data import utility. Data import can be done by anyone having basic familiarity with Excel spreadsheets. The data import steps are precisely documented and success is achieved by taking your time and faithfully following the directions.

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The "Training" phase instills confidence in your staff

The Startup Wizard has a very structured "Training" phase where your employees are all exposed to the functions of the system. There are written conceptual materials and extensive training videos covering all aspects of the system. All of your employees will be well versed and comfortable in using DBA prior to official Startup Day.

"Startup Day" is when you turn the key

In the final phase of implementation a set of tasks will be performed on system startup day prior to activating the system for live use, including initial stock quantities, open sales orders, open purchase orders, and open jobs. A clean startup day is the key to a successful implementation.

Self-implementation does not mean you go it alone

Not only does the Startup Wizard put you through a highly structured process, but it is augmented by our online training videos, online help, and user guides. If you have any questions or issues along the way, you can submit support tickets to our tech staff and we will help you.

Don't turn the key until you are ready

Self-implementation is more about "perspiration" than "expertise." Take your time and follow the steps and recommendations in the Startup Wizard to the letter. Do not skip the most important phase of implementation - the "Training" phase. Do not rush into "startup day" until you are confident that all procedures and processes are fully rehearsed and in place.

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