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Unlike the traditional ERP sales model, we give you the tools to evaluate the software on your own in exchange for a dramatically lower product price.

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How can DBA be customized to fit my needs?

DBA includes the following customization options:

Default Screens

Most modules include a default screen containing options and settings that enable you to tailor the system to your operational preferences.

Forms Edit Utility

The Forms Edit utility enables you to customize all forms and labels by adding logos, exposing or hiding fields, changing fonts and graphics, etc.

Opening Lists

You can select the columns displayed and their sort order on the opening List tab of the Stock Items, Customers, and Suppliers screen.

User-Defined Fields

You can up to six user-defined fields (date, text, or table format) against items, customers, suppliers, jobs, and PO's.

Menu Option Visibility by User

In the User Setup screen you can control which menu options are visible to each user.

User-Defined Menus

If you create custom reports or wish to link to other programs within DBA, you add your own menu options to the end of any of the system's main menus, with password security protection.

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