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Unlike the traditional ERP sales model, we give you the tools to evaluate the software on your own in exchange for a dramatically lower product price.

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Custom Reporting

What does DBA offer for custom reporting?

DBA includes several tools that can help you with custom reporting beyond that provided by the system's standard reports and inquiries.

Spreadsheet Generators

Our spreadsheet generator utility enables you to extract, filter, and sort data from various tables and output that data to Excel spreadsheets. You can create multiple customized formats and save them for re-use. Spreadsheet generators are available for the following data sets:

  • Customer Invoices
  • Jobs
  • Job Transactions
  • Purchases
  • Sales Orders
  • Stock Items
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Supplier Payments
GL Spreadsheet Generator

This screen enables you to compare GL account history across an unlimited number of accounting periods. You can create multiple formats and save them for re-use.

Opening Lists

The opening List tab contents on the Stock Items, Descriptors, Customers, Suppliers, Sales Orders, Jobs, and Purchase Orders screens can be output to Excel spreadsheets.

Data Dictionary

This is a PDF document that provides table names, fields, and join specifications for the major system tables. This can help you use our Database Queries utility or third party report writers.

Database Queries

The Database Queries utility can be used to access data using SQL statements with spreadsheet output. This is an advanced tool for users with some knowledge of SQL. Sample queries are provided for reference.

Third Party Report Writers

Any third party report writer (such as Report Builder or Crystal Reports) can connect to our database via ODBC and can be used to create custom reports.

User-Defined Menus

If you create custom reports, you can add them to the end of any of the DBA main menus using the User-Defined Menus screen.

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