Implementation, Training, and System Setup

Does DBA provide onsite training or support?

All training and support worldwide is handled by our web based resources. We have a wealth of training videos and conceptual User Guides that provide all of the tools needed to succeed with DBA. If you run into a question not covered by our materials, submit a support ticket and one of our team members would be glad to assist.

For new customers, our Startup Wizard provides a proven, step-by-step building block methodology for system setup. As you progress through the tasks there are extensive written materials and training videos covering all aspects of the system. By the time your company progresses through the Training phase and reaches Startup Day, all of your employees will be well versed and comfortable with the software.

On an ongoing basis, we have an Online Training Guide that provides a structured training experience for your personnel. Customers with a support subscription also have access to a Training Company installation. The Training Company allows you to perform "what if" scenarios on a copy of your own data without compromising your main live database.

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