Web-Based Sales Model

How can I be sure that DBA fits my company?

Our "Total Control" process workflow can be applied to any manufacturing company. The bill of manufacturing can be used to define virtually any type of standard or custom product and MRP, scheduling, and shop control are universal processes that apply to all manufacturing businesses.

Our process workflow is designed to maximize your efficiency and will make some fundamental changes to your current processes. For example, jobs will be consolidated whenever shared demand exists instead of being linked one-to-one with every sales order or higher level job. Materials will be issued in real time and not as a component backflush at time of job finish. Labor and subcontract services will be defined in routings and labor will be updated as job sequences get finished. Labor, overhead, and subcontract service costs will be absorbed into item inventory costs.

So if you are looking for software that approximates your current processes, DBA is not for you. But if you wish to take your company to a new level of efficiency based on proven workflow principles, DBA is the ideal solution.

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