Our Self-Help Sales Model

Unlike the traditional ERP sales model, we give you the tools to evaluate the software on your own in exchange for a dramatically lower product price.

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Data Import

Can I import data from my current system?

You can import the following master tables from Excel spreadsheets:

  • Customers
  • Customer Contacts
  • Delivery Addresses
  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Contacts
  • Stock Items
  • Item Sources
  • Base Prices
  • Qty Break Prices
  • BOM Routings
  • BOM Components
  • Initial Stock Qty's
Spreadsheet Import

The spreadsheet format enables you to edit your data where needed before it is imported into DBA. There may be supporting tables in DBA (such as customer types, commission codes, terms codes, sales regions, etc.) that either did not exist in your old system or may have different values in DBA. You can edit your spreadsheet values or add columns where needed so that your data conform to the requirements of the DBA tables.

Follow the Implementation Planner

Importing these tables is not the first step in the implementation process. Supporting tables are entered first, in proper sequence. All of this is detailed for you in the Implementation Planner guide. Perform the tasks in the exact order specified and import each master table when indicated.

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