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Documents, ECO, QC, ISO9000

How can DBA help with ISO-9000 certification?

To obtain ISO-9000 certification, you will need to operate with manufacturing software such as DBA in order to achieve the formalized procedures, processes, and accompanying documentation required for certification.

Thorough documentation and labeling are required throughout all your business processes. The job traveler is an important document. The DBA job traveler includes not only routing documentation, but task documentation within routing sequences for QC inspection or other purposes. You can even print a "mini-traveler" if you need to attach documentation to jobs in process out on the floor, which can be an ISO requirement.

Supporting documents in addition to job travelers and labeling are required for ISO-9000 certification as well. In DBA you can attach drawings, spec sheets, or other documents to items and customers that can be retrieved and attached to jobs.

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