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Does job costing require a payroll link?

No, job costing does not require any linking to payroll. Jobs are costed at work center labor rates, which are averages that approximate your overall hourly cost for direct labor. Indirectly, actual direct labor payroll cost is used as a reference by the Shop Rates screen to help determine work center labor rates.

Is there any double entry between DBA and payroll?

Only in the sense that a worker record is created in each system. DBA includes a Workers table that stores the worker number, last name, and first name of each production worker who submits hours against jobs.

Do job hours have to agree with payroll hours?

No, they do not. Job hours and payroll hours are not the same thing and have different purposes. Job labor hours are optional, whereas the reporting of payroll hours is mandatory. Production workers are not always working on jobs and have downtime for meetings, training, and other purposes. Additionally, some job processes are tracked at standard rather than actual labor hours. You should collect payroll hours separately from job hours using a time and attendance system of your choice.

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