Our Self-Help Sales Model

Unlike the traditional ERP sales model, we give you the tools to evaluate the software on your own in exchange for a dramatically lower product price.

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DBA Sales Model

How can I get product questions answered?

When you evaluate a typical ERP system, product questions are handled by technical salespeople as part of a "high touch" sales process that involves presentations and proposals. Our sales model is completely different and, in our opinion, is a superior way to assess our type of software.

We do not hire technical sales people or make presentations or proposals, all of which drive up costs. Instead, we give you the tools to explore the product on your own and we pass the savings to you with lower product prices.

Start with our self-help resources

You should begin by reviewing the DBA Video Library on our website, which gives you a good overview of the product and how it addresses core business issues.

The next level of detail is supplied by the Features page on our website, which lists all the specific product features that are included in our package price.

Over the years we've assembled a list of most frequently asked sales questions, which can be found on the FAQ page of our website. The answer to your question may very well be found here.

Finally, the product itself provides a wealth of information. You can download our free single-user evaluation system and press F1 from any screen for online Help. You are free to make entries, run reports, and experiment with the software without any time limitation or other restrictions.

No luck? Submit an "Ask DBA" ticket

If you still cannot find your answer, you are welcome to submit an "Ask DBA" ticket to our support staff for assistance.

Submit "Ask DBA" Ticket

Take advantage of your 180-day return option

No ERP system offers anything like our 180-day return option, which removes any financial risk from going forward with a DBA solution. You can implement the system under actual user conditions and submit support tickets for any questions you have along the way. If for any reason you feel DBA is not for your company, you have six months to return the system for a full refund of all monies paid, including support.

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