Implementation, Training, and System Setup

Will I need custom programming?

Some companies have the perception that an "off the shelf" product like DBA must be augmented with custom programming to tailor it for special requirements. This is absolutely not the case with DBA. Our "Total Control" workflow eliminates all the manual processes used with light manufacturing systems and therefore custom programming is not needed to compensate for lack of essential manufacturing features. Furthermore, the workflow consists of standard processes that can be applied universally to any manufacturing company.

DBA includes a variety of customization tools that enable you to tailor the system to suit your preferences without need for custom programming. These tools include our data view reporting tool, customizable output grids, default settings, customizable forms and labels, and job traveler layouts. Attached documents and notes throughout the system can also creatively handle many custom documentation needs.

Warning - Do not write to or alter our database

Our software license does not permit outside applications to directly update or alter our data tables. The only acceptable method of data input is via our Data Import Utility within the product. Avoid any programmer who proposes a project that violates this policy. In particular, avoid any custom programming proposals related to labor data collection, EDI import, or web store import. Writing directly to our database can cause irreparable harm to your system and invalidates your user license.

External Applications and Custom Reporting

ODBC compliant reporting tools and databases can be used to query data from DBA for use in external applications or reports. Your industry may require a specialized application that is external to our core modules. For example, you may have a product that requires a highly specialized estimating program with complex calculations. You would run it as an outside program and manually enter the results into DBA. Custom programming can play a role in such external applications. If you have any such programming done for you, be sure your programmer creates a stand-alone database that is separate from the DBA database. The golden rule remains that reading from our database is acceptable, but writing to or altering our data structure is forbidden.

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