System Customization

DBA can be customized a variety of ways to suite your operational preferences without requiring custom programming.

Default Settings

  • Main setup screen
  • Default screens for inventory, BOMs, MRP, jobs, job labor, purchasing

Accounting Configuration

  • Option to use DBA financial modules or financial transfer module

Password Security

  • Menu option level access permissions by user
  • Non-accessible menu options are invisible to the user
  • Change password

User-Defined Fields

  • Up to six user-defined fields can be added to these tables: items, customers, suppliers, sales orders, jobs, purchase orders
  • Fields can be text fields, date fields, or a set of allowable values

Forms Editing

  • Forms edit utility enables adding logos, barcodes, special fields, font changes on forms and labels
  • Forms include quote, acknowledgment, packing slip, invoice, PO, customer statement, check
  • Labels include item labels, shipping address labels

Item Labels

  • No limit to the number of custom label formats that can be created
  • Labels can be generated directly from job and PO receipt transactions and can include job or PO header information
  • Lot and serial number printing
  • Stock item labels can be printed as needed


  • Spreadsheet style grids are used on opening lists, lookups, and inquiries
  • Column resorting in ascending or descending order
  • Columns can be dragged to different positions
  • Output to Excel, html file, text file, or to the printer

Data View Reporting Tool

  • Does not require programming skills to use
  • Each data view has a selection screen for data filtering
  • Ability to create and save custom layouts
  • Fields can be excluded by dragging off the screen
  • Fields can be dragged into header to create sub-groupings
  • Output to Excel, html file, text file, or to the printer

GL Spreadsheet Generator

  • Compares GL data across multiple accounting periods
  • Actual vs. budget comparisons
  • Ability to create and save custom layouts
  • Output to Excel, html file, text file, or to the printer

Document Management

  • User-defined document groups
  • User permissions by document group
  • Documents directory viewer
  • Document linking to items, descriptors, customers, suppliers, jobs
  • Job retrieval of linked item, descriptor, customer documents

Activity Notes

  • User-defined note types and analysis codes
  • Notes attach to jobs, customers, suppliers, items, and descriptors
  • Action date for follow-up
  • Can be used to track engineering changes and collections
  • Action report lists open and closed notes
  • Each user's My Action List screen displays open activity notes