Labor & Subcontracting (Routings)

You cannot reach your full efficiency potential without the ability to fully define the labor and outside service processes that comprise the products you make. DBA gives you all the tools you need to rapidly create the routings that play such a pivotal role in product costing, process documentation, and most importantly, the shop control system that helps you deliver jobs on time.

Work Centers

Work Centers Screen - Work centers provide the framework for defining the in-house processes that are used to make your products. In the Work Centers screen you define your work centers, which are the physical production areas or machines that comprise your shop.

Hourly Rates - On the Detail tab you maintain hourly rates for setup, labor, and manufacturing overhead that get applied to all processes performed in each work center.

Standard Processes - Within the Processes tab you can optionally create a library of standard processes that are used as templates for creating item routings.


Subcontractors Screen - Subcontractors provide the framework for outside services applied to your products, such as painting, plating, and heat treating. In the Subcontractors screen you set up all your subcontractors.

Standard Processes - In the Processes tab you can optionally set up a library of standard subcontract processes that are used as templates for creating item routings.


Bill of Materials Screen - Item routings are also entered within the Bill of Materials screen. On the Routing tab you define the processes that are performed to make the product.

Routing Sequences - Within each routing sequence you specify the work center, machine, setup time, and cycle time for each process. You also can enter unlimited job traveler notes as well as step-by-step tasks.

Subcontract Services - If during the course of a job you send parts our for subcontract services such as painting, plating, or heat-treating, the outside process is defined with a routing sequence, which includes the subcontract supplier, the price, and a conversion multiplier if the service is priced in a different unit of measure than the item's unit of measure.

Routing Generator - You can use the Routing Generator to rapidly generate a routing from work center and subcontractor standard processes.

Tools & Inquiries

Process Replace - The Process Replace screen enables you to replace a process across all routing sequences where it is used.

BOM Explorer - The BOM Explorer screen enables you to you view an item's BOM and routing specifications in a Windows Explorer format. The explorer view is in the left panel and the selected item's details are displayed in the right panel.