Shipping and Invoicing

After finished items are received to stock in the Job Receipts screen, they are ready to be picked, shipped, and invoiced.


Order Picking - Orders are picked for shipment in the Order Picking screen. The Shipment Planner opening screen lets you know which orders are ready for shipment, listed in priority order. The Pre-Fill button can be used to pick single location items in a batch process. Items with lot or serial numbers are selected in the lower grid. Two picking methods are available. You can print a pick list, which is used to gather stock, and then you can record the results in the screen. The other method is to pick items on the screen first, then print a dispatch list, which is used to gather the stock.

Shipping - After sales orders are picked, shipments are generated on the Shipping tab within the Sales Orders screen. After items are picked, one click generates a shipment. You can enter shipping charges and print a packing list and shipping labels.

Invoices - Invoices are generated from shipments on the Invoicing tab within the Sales Orders screen. One click converts a shipment into an invoice. Invoices can be Emailed to the customer or printed out. Like all DBA forms, the invoice can be customized as needed, system-wide or for particular customers.

Cost of Goods Sold - In the Account Assignments screen you specify your sales and cost of goods sold accounts by item category or customer type. One of the benefits of DBA's manufacturing accounting system is that you get accurate cost of goods sold amounts that reflect the labor and manufacturing overhead costs that were absorbed into each item's inventory cost when finished items were received to stock in the Job Receipts screen.

RMA Credit Memos - Credit memos that are strictly financial in nature are entered directly in your accounting system. The only credit memos entered in DBA are those pertaining to RMA type items returned from customers. In such cases, a negative quantity is entered against the item, which generates a negative invoice. A negative invoice in DBA serves as a credit memo and has its own credit memo form.