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Support Subscription

DBA support is provided via a recurring 6-month support subscription. To encourage ongoing participation, you receive a special renewal rate (see prices at left) if you maintain your subscription without interruption. A support subscription provides all your users with access to our online support center and the resources and services listed below.

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Customer Support Login

Log in to the online Support Center to access the DBA ticketing system, watch training videos, and find documentation.

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Support Tickets

  • Online ticketing system manages all support incidents
  • Issue resolution by ticket response, phone, data review, or remote access - whichever we determine to be most effective
  • Tickets can be submitted by any user, not just primary contact
  • Ticket queue actively managed for quick response to emergencies
  • Ticket tracking by issue, status, category, person, and date
  • Track support history by individual employee or entire company
  • Tickets stay open until resolved and can be reopened if additional help is needed

Video Training

  • Courses cover system overview, setup, and operation
  • Courses include tips and recommendations
  • Manufacturing efficiency emphasized throughout
  • Can be accessed by users 24/7
  • Direct access from online Help links

Remote Access Troubleshooting

  • Remote connection to your computer through the Internet
  • Enables us to diagnose problems while on the phone
  • Same effect as being on site
  • Enables direct support no matter where you are located

Training Company

  • Copies your data into a temporary "training" company
  • Installs on your network server and is available to all users
  • Enables you to preview new versions before going live
  • Provides a safe training environment for new users
  • Enables "what if" scenarios without affecting live data

Support Center Resources

  • Support Tickets
  • Videos - Overview
  • Videos - Conceptual
  • Videos - Setup
  • Videos - How Do I?
  • What's New (Updates)
  • Training Company Download
  • Topic Search
  • Most Recent Topics
  • Most Popular Topics
  • Guides & White Papers
  • Ticket History