Support Subscription
Terms of Use

What is provided with a support subscription?

A support subscription provides all users in your company with ticketing privileges (see next) as well as full access to our online support center resources (training videos, knowledge base, and discussion forum).

Ticketing Privileges

If you have a current support subscription, any user in your company may submit support incidents through our online support center ticketing system.

NOTE: We may limit or terminate ticketing privileges if tickets are used in an irregular, excessive, abusive or fraudulent manner.

All users can submit tickets

Each user within your company may request a private account from the support center sign-in page and will have ticketing privileges as well as full access to the support center's resources. The sign-in page is accessed from the Help menu within the software or from the Support page of our website.

Support Ticket Responses

The support ticketing system is e-mail based and is not a phone-based system. There may be occasions where we elect to use the phone to help solve a problem, but phone support is not an entitlement and is provided solely at our discretion.

Support Limitations

Support incidents submitted though support tickets should be limited to physical installation, update assistance, and basic system functionality as documented in our user guides, help file, training videos, and online videos. The scope of our support is limited to providing basic assistance in using the core program.

Networking and Hardware: We can provide a basic assessment of connectivity issues and assist with physical installation of our product. We shall not, however, be responsible for connectivity issues caused by third-party services, service providers, hardware, or software. Networking and hardware issues are your responsibility.

Consultancy and Accounting: Consulting level questions on manufacturing, accounting, and business management issues are beyond the scope of our support ticketing service. Consulting level issues are addressed in our training videos, user guides, and white papers.

Data Import: Support for data import is limited to assistance in using our data import utility.

Reports: Support will be provided for standard system reports, but not for custom reports created by you or third parties.

Forms Customization: We can answer forms customization questions, but cannot customize or modify your forms for you.

Data Recovery: We strongly recommended that you backup your database on a regular basis and always do so before installing a product update. We are not responsible for data lost or corrupted due to an update process or any other cause.

Attn: Third Party Service Providers

If you are a consultant or trainer providing services for DBA customers, you cannot purchase support with ticketing privileges under your own company account. Instead, you must get each client to purchase a support subscription and then create a user account for yourself and submit tickets as needed on behalf of each client.