Why DBA?

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You make money in a manufacturing business by delivering jobs quickly and on time using the least amount of inventory and WIP possible, which is the short definition of lean manufacturing. The DBA process workflow provides an organized set of processes that can be followed by any size company to make lean manufacturing a practical reality.

DBA Manufacturing is a self-contained system that runs the manufacturing side of your business, including inventory, sales orders, jobs, and purchasing. Your accounting system will continue running the financial side of your business -- meaning receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and overall general ledger.

DBA is the alternative to over-complicated ERP systems. Instead of attempting to handle all aspects of an enterprise within a single software package, DBA is tightly focused on manufacturing.

And because you can use any system you want for financial processes, DBA is an ideal manufacturing solution for the international market. International issues related to payroll, banking, and financial reporting can be handled by a localized accounting package, while DBA handles all your manufacturing processes.

Unlike ERP systems, which because of their inherent complexity require outside consultants for implementation, DBA is ideally suited for self-implementation. The majority of our customers get the system up and running on their own, using our Implementation Planner, data import utility, video training courses, and technical support. Keep in mind that with DBA an accounting system conversion is not required, which significantly narrows the scope of implementation.

No company is going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an ERP system without lots of up front time for needs analysis, presentations, site visits, and proposals. With our self-help sales model, you can avoid all these pre-sale activities.

Our self-help sales model is based on downloading our free evaluation system, which enables you to assess the system on your own. The free evaluation is a live copy of the software, complete with sample data. video presentations, online help, and user guides.

What you will quickly see is that DBA can be used by any company that transforms inputs - raw materials, components, subassemblies, labor, subcontract services, and overhead - into finished items. DBA is an ideal solution for proprietary manufacturers, custom manufacturers. job shops, contract manufacturers, final assemblers, startup companies, and corporate departments or divisions.

The best way to learn about DBA is to view our system workflow series, which is a set of video presentations that covers all the manufacturing system processes in the order they are performed, culminating with the financial transfer to your accounting system. You can access the workflow series within the free evaluation system or on our website.

If you have product questions and are unable to find the answers among our self-help resources, you are welcome to use our "Ask DBA" service to submit questions to our support staff.

A big benefit of our self-help sales model and self-implementation capability is that they enable you to get a world class manufacturing solution without having to risk tens of thousands of dollars on a complex, mid-market ERP system.

Instead of an array of modules and other options, DBA is offered for a single package price. You can order DBA by phone or online through the Pricing page on our website, and it can be downloaded and activated immediately with a license key.

If you order the system and for any reason you feel DBA does not suit your company, return the software within 180-days, a full six months and we will send you a refund of all monies paid, including support.

Lean manufacturing is the most effective way to make money in a manufacturing business because it reduces costs, frees up working capital, increases return on investment, increases sales, and boosts cash flow.

If you want to make lean manufacturing a practical reality and reap its bottom line benefits, your next step is to visit our website and download our free evaluation system. We invite you to compare our software with any ERP system to see for yourself whether the DBA alternative makes sense for your company.