Workflow Overview

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DBA Manufacturing is a self-contained system that runs the manufacturing side of your business, including inventory, sales orders, jobs, and purchasing. Your accounting system will continue running the financial side of your business -- meaning receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and overall general ledger.

The DBA system workflow is an organized set of processes that can be plugged into by any manufacturing company that wishes to complete jobs quickly and on time using the least amount of inventory and WIP possible, which is the short definition of lean manufacturing.

The system workflow progresses through four phases - specifications, planning, execution, and transfer.

The specifications phase provides the infrastructure that makes lean manufacturing possible. There are two fundamental dimensions to this infrastructure -material, which is defined with bills of material, and labor, which is defined with routings. This infrastructure provides all the specifications needed for product costing, job generation, and shop control.

The planning phase is where you focus on four common sense item settings to determine your stocking policies and job and purchasing lead times.

In response to sales order demand relative to stock on hand, MRP uses these four item settings to generate jobs and POs on a "just in time" basis within a short term, coordinated master schedule where all dates are aligned with their requirements. The planning phase is where you optimize your inventory and shorten job completion times.

The execution phase is where the master schedule gets executed as planned. Jobs are released to production when material is available and open capacity exists, which keeps the shop lean and efficient for maximum throughput.

Daily work center schedules insure that job sequences are run in the correct order of priority throughout the shop so that all jobs get completed on time. Finished items are shipped in priority order as they become available.

Finally, the transfer phase is where your accounting system gets updated with AR and AP vouchers and summarized GL account totals to reflect the activities of the manufacturing system.

The DBA system workflow can be used by any company that transforms inputs - raw materials, components, subassemblies, labor, subcontract services, and overhead - into finished items. If you suffer from shortages, over-stocking, job delays, and high expediting costs, the DBA system workflow provides an organized methodology for gaining control over your inventory and shop.

The universal nature of the system workflow makes DBA an ideal solution for proprietary manufacturers, custom manufacturers. job shops, contract manufacturers, final assemblers, startup companies, and corporate manufacturing facilities.

You make money in a manufacturing business by completing jobs quickly and on time using the least amount of inventory and WIP possible. The DBA system workflow gives you all the tools needed to make lean manufacturing a practical reality for any size company.