#5 Issue Material in Real Time

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The fifth essential process is to issue material in real time.

All manufacturing companies have the same challenge when it comes to tracking stock on hand. You need to know what's actually on hand to plan jobs and POs, to know when jobs can be started, to know what can be issued to jobs, to know what can be shipped, and to be able to conduct stock counts.

Here we are looking at the Work Center Schedule screen once again. A red Material icon indicates when material is needed and has not yet been issued to a job sequence.

To issue the material, you click the icon to launch the Job Issues screen, which is filtered to include just the components that are to be issued to this sequence. In most cases you can pre-fill the screen from default locations and update inventory in just a few clicks.

Issuing material in real time is an essential element in boosting your manufacturing efficiency. Instead of bacflushing components after the fact so that you never know what is actually on hand and what has already been issued to work in process, with DBA you issue materials on a "just in time" basis for real time inventory tracking that benefits all your inventory-related processes.