#6 Track Job Labor

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The sixth essential process is to track job labor.

All manufacturing companies face the same challenge when it comes to monitoring work in process - where does each job stand at any given time? A great deal of effort gets wasted investigating job progress to expedite jobs through the shop.

Job labor is updated within the Work Center Schedule screen. When a job sequence is finished, click the Labor icon to launch the Job Labor screen.

Job sequences can be set up for standard or actual hours tracking.

Standard hours sequences can be tracked in just a couple of clicks without the effort required to collect and enter actual labor hours. Many routine processes, especially those with quick turnaround times, are most efficiently handled with standard hours.

Here we are looking at Actual Hours entry.

Tracking job labor is an essential element in boosting your manufacturing efficiency. Instead of running the shop by guesswork and expediting, with DBA you track job labor in real time to update job priorities and work center queues, which enables the work center coordination that helps jobs meet their required dates.