International Solution

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Our direct sales and support model is completely internet-based and does not require local consultants or resellers, which means DBA can be used anywhere where there is a connection to the web. Today we support customers in a long list of countries throughout the world.

DBA's tax system can flexibly accommodate international VAT or GST style taxation. You can establish a default Sales Tax Code and a default Purchase Tax Code that gets applied to all sales order and purchase order line items, unless you designate exceptions at the item, customer, or supplier level.

If certain goods or types of customers or shipping charges are exempt from tax, you can create one or more non-taxable tax codes and assign them as exceptions where needed.

Here, for example, we are assigning a non-taxable exception tax code against this item.

If the delivery destination determines which tax code gets applied, you can base the sales order tax code on the delivery address.

We also offer a tax group matrix that can pull in a particular tax code based on a customer/item or supplier/item combination.

So DBA can handle your requirements, no matter how simple or complex your local tax system may be.

In Canada, for example, the tax code is a blend of provincial taxes and national GST tax. The tax amounts must be broken out in the footer of the invoice by each tax authority that comprises the tax code, which is an option in DBA.

Tax reporting includes a number of user-defined data views, as well as standard reports such as this one are designed for international style reporting where purchase taxes are claimed against sales taxes.

Here in the currency table, you designate your home currency and the currency symbol that gets used on forms and checks, as well as screens and reports. Several common currencies are pre-defined with the system, but you can add your own if it is not in the default list.

When you set up your bank accounts for check printing, you designate the text that gets printed following the amount, such as the word "pounds" or "euros", whatever it may be.

Payroll is a highly localized function. Job costing in DBA is completely independent from payroll, which means you are free to use any local payroll software package or service you wish.

The Payroll Import utility enables you to update the general ledger with summarized payroll account totals after each paycheck run.

So if you need a true manufacturing system and cannot find a suitable solution in your local market, DBA is a viable option for any small business, no matter where you may be located, anywhere in the world.