10. Job Release

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Jobs are released to production on scheduled start dates when material becomes available. This is done within the Job Control Panel, here on the Jobs menu.

To release eligible jobs, click the Auto-Select button. This automatically selects all jobs scheduled to be started, provided that material is available.

When a job is at or past its scheduled start date, but can't be released due to lack of material, a red icon and 'Shortage' is displayed in the Material field. You can click the icon to view the job's components, where you can see which items have shortages. Click this icon to see the specific late PO or subassembly job that is causing the shortage.

To release the selected jobs, click the update button. The released jobs will be given a new finish date, based on their actual release date, which automatically adjusts the master schedule to reflect actual release dates.

Answer Yes to this prompt to print job travelers for this set of newly released jobs. Click the Print button. Here we are looking at one of the job travelers.

From a manufacturing efficiency standpoint, the primary purpose of job release is to automatically adjust the master schedule to reflect material availability. See the efficiency video following this demo for a conceptual overview of this essential process.