13. Labor Tracking

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Job labor is updated as job sequences are finished. This is done through the Work Center Schedule screen, here on the Jobs menu.

To update job labor when a job sequence is finished, select the associated work center. Click the Schedule tab. Select the job sequence. This sequence calls for standard hours updating, in which case standard hours get applied to the job

To update the labor, click the Labor icon. Select the Finished checkbox. Click the Update button.

Here we have a job sequence that calls for actual hours entry. To update actual hours, click the Labor icon. Enter the actual hours. Select the Finished checkbox. Click the Update button.

From a manufacturing efficiency standpoint, the primary purpose for job labor tracking is to update work center queues in real time so that job sequences can be run in the correct order to meet job required dates. See the efficiency video following this demo for a conceptual overview of this essential process.