12. Material Issue

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Job material is issued through the Work Center Schedule screen prior to job sequences being started.

When the Material icon is red against a job sequence, it means that materials are required for this sequence and have not yet been issued. To issue the material, click the icon. This launches the Job Issues screen, pre-filled for the materials needed by this work center. We are going to issue stock on the screen first, then we will print a dispatch list to use for gathering the materials.

Click the Pre-fill button. Click OK to pre-fill for the entire job quantity.

The Issued Qty is pre-filled with the remaining quantity for all items that are in a single location or are not subject to lot or serial control.

Here we have an item with stock in two locations. Instead of issuing from the primary location, we will issue stock from the secondary location by entering the Issued Qty against it.

When your entries are completed, click the Update button. We will now print the dispatch list. Click the Batch History button. Select the batch in the upper grid. Click the Dispatch button. Click Print. Here we see our dispatch list, which shows the locations and quantities of the items needed.

From a manufacturing efficiency standpoint, the primary purpose for issuing materials in real time is to maintain accurate stock quantities at all times in order to efficiently drive job release, job issues, and stock counts. See the efficiency video following this demo for a conceptual overview of this essential process.