2. Order Entry

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Customer orders are entered in the Sales Orders screen, here on the Sales menu. Sales orders create the demand that drives the manufacturing system. Click the New Order button.

Select the Customer from the lookup. Enter the customer's PO Number, if applicable. Click the OK button.

All the fields on the Header tab are pre-filled from the customer record and can be modified if needed. Click the Details tab.

Click the New Line button. Click the button in the Reference ID field to launch the stock item lookup. Select the item, which in this case is the Red Wagon. Enter the order Qty. The Price, Discount, and Sales Tax are all pre-filled based on item and customer settings.

The program automatically calculates the Required date. This date can be furnished to the customer as an estimated shipping date and is used by MRP as a target demand date.

From a manufacturing efficiency standpoint, the primary purpose of sales order entry is to establish required dates. Required dates are derived from item MRP settings and expresses your planned times to shipment. Planning your times to shipment using strategic inventory is what enables you to fulfill customer orders quickly while keeping inventory to a minimum. See the efficiency video following this demo for a conceptual overview of this essential process.