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A breakthrough demand driven planning system for small business

Updates your existing accounting system

High Throughput – Efficient Inventory – Lean Staffing

This is an unprecedented era in our worldwide economy as we rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic.   The small business manufacturing sector will need to lead the recovery.   There is an opportunity to rethink how you run your business as the status quo is no longer an option.   Every manufacturing business has to up its efficiency to stay competitive and survive.  DBA will help you meet this challenge and deliver the manufacturing miracle of high throughput, efficient inventory, and lean staffing.

Our unique demand driven planning system is a breakthrough, allowing any company to succeed without the need for outside assistance, onsite training, or custom programming.

No amount of training or custom programming can make up for the inherent flaws of traditional planning methods.   We have seen company after company throw employees and money at their planning silos to try to improve their business.  The path forward is to commit to the DBA demand driven system that delivers increased throughput while using less staff.

Best ROI in the Industry


Complete Solution

  • Our comprehensive solution replaces isolated planning silos and custom programs
  • Significantly reduces overhead employees (programmers, consultants, cost accountants, schedulers, and trainers)
  • Removing the “bull whip” effect reduces complexity throughout your organization
  • Easy and transparent execution – priority based activities eliminate the conflicting messages of traditional scheduling.
  • Self-adjusting WIP accounting with no need for costly period-end reconciliation procedures

Designed for Self-Implementation

  • Startup Wizard guides you through our proven self-implementation methodology
  • Keeping your financial general ledger intact significantly reduces the complexity of system startup
  • All GL posting in DBA is determined by settings in the Account Assignments screen so that sales and manufacturing personnel are never exposed to accounting setup or posting decisions.
  • Commit to your item settings, and there is no need for extensive ongoing training or DBA specific expertise

No Disruption to Your Accounting Processes

Keep using your accounting system for receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and financial reporting. DBA handles manufacturing accounting issues such as labor and manufacturing overhead costing and work in process tracking.


  • No accounting conversion greatly simplifies system implementation
  • Transfers AR/AP vouchers and GL totals to your accounting system
  • Absorption accounting – absorbs labor and manufacturing overhead costs into inventory and cost of goods sold
  • Tracks inventory and work in process with no period end adjustments

The Small Business Alternative to ERP

Any small business can use DBA’s demand driven MRP software to dramatically boost manufacturing efficiency with a process workflow scaled for smaller companies.


  • Web-based sales model enables small business pricing
  • Small business MRP software vs. over-complicated ERP
  • Simple workflow processes vs. large enterprise design
  • Startup wizard vs. high implementation costs
  • No accounting conversion vs. total accounting makeover

Our Small Business Sales Model

Learn more about DBA with our web-based sales resources:

Our Sales Model vs. ERP

180 Day Return Policy

We back our software with a 180 day return policy on your initial system purchase, the strongest in the manufacturing software industry.