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Prospect Questions?

If you are considering DBA and have a sales or product question, you are welcome to submit an “Ask DBA” ticket to our support staff.

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Without exception, all support is initiated through a support ticket. The ticket queue is monitored continuously throughout the business day (8 AM to 5 PM Central Time – Monday thru Friday).

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Emergency Support

There is no inbound phone alternative to a support ticket. For emergency support, submit a support ticket and explain your problem with as much detail as you can. All tickets are reviewed and prioritized immediately upon receipt during business hours.

Onsite Technicians

Submit a support ticket through your customer’s support account.

Transitioning from DBA Classic?

Be aware that DBA Next-Gen and DBA Classic are completely different products. Do not attempt a conversion without support. The “self-implementation” methodology used to get DBA Next-Gen up and running is based on you having an ongoing support subscription for access to training videos and support tickets. There is no per-incident or “Ask DBA” alternative to an ongoing support subscription.

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Our Small Business Sales Model

Our sales model provides small manufacturers with an alternative to over-complicated and high-priced ERP systems.

Our Sales Model vs. ERP

180 Day Return Policy

We back our software with a 180 day return policy, the strongest in the manufacturing software industry.