Engineer to Order and Custom Manufacturing

With DBA, you can engineer to order custom products with the efficiency benefits of Demand Driven MRP and job prioritization.

Customize BOM details prior to job generation

With standard products, jobs can be generated immediately because bill of manufacturing (BOM) details are already established. With custom products, however, the BOM must be modified for customization details before a job can be generated.

Use a quote to generate a one-off BOM

A quote is used to generate a “one-off” bill of manufacturing, which can be a copy of a “model” BOM or it can be an empty BOM for entry from scratch. The one-off BOM’s routing processes and components are then modified for custom specifications as needed.

Convert the quote into a sales order

After the one-off BOM’s details are finalized, an estimated cost rollup determines the margin or markup that can be applied to establish the quoted selling price. The quote can then be sent to the customer for review and order confirmation.

After the customer confirms the order, the quote is converted to a live sales order, which establishes a ship date based on Time to Shipment MRP settings.

MRP generates a custom to order (CTO) job

MRP generates a custom to order job directly from the sales order line, as well as the subassembly jobs and purchase orders that get triggered by actual demand.

Once generated, a custom to order job is released to live production based on material availability and is processed identically to other jobs.

During the course of the job, routing processes and components can be freely modified to reflect any customization changes made on the shop floor.

Get all the efficiency benefits of Demand Driven MRP

What makes DBA so beneficial for custom manufacturers?

You get all the flexibility of BOM customization and quote confirmation, combined with the efficiency benefits of Demand Driven MRP for driving your planning and shop control processes.

Take your efficiency to a new level

If you are a custom manufacturer, having the ability to flexibly customize BOMs and confirm customer orders prior to job generation is essential for boosting the overall efficiency of your manufacturing system.

If you’ve hit the efficiency wall with your existing planning and shop control methods, replace them with Demand Driven MRP and take your company to a new level of efficiency for the Amazon age.

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