Keep Your Accounting System

With DBA you continue using your accounting system without disruption for receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and financial reporting.

No accounting conversion required

With DBA, you can implement manufacturing and sales orders without any disruption to the financial side of your business.

Keeping your financial processes intact dramatically simplifies implementation — you can avoid all the complexities of an accounting system conversion.

Maintain existing financial processes in your accounting system

Your accounting system will continue to handle all your financial processes — receivables, payables, banking, payroll, and financial reporting.

DBA handles the manufacturing accounting

DBA will operate the manufacturing side of your business – inventory, bills of manufacturing, sales orders, MRP, jobs, and purchase orders.

DBA has its own general ledger and will handle all your manufacturing accounting processes, including inventory value and work in process (WIP) tracking, absorbed labor and manufacturing overhead costing, and cost of goods sold.

Summary transfers update your financial accounting system

Three screens are used to update your accounting system to reflect the activities of the manufacturing system.

1. Accounts receivable voucher transfer

Sales orders are shipped and invoiced in DBA so that all workflow processes are handled within a single inventory system. The AR Voucher Transfer screen updates your accounts receivable with customer invoice totals.

2. Accounts payable voucher transfer

PO-related supplier invoices are entered in DBA for matching with purchase order receipts. The AR Voucher Transfer screen updates your accounts payable with supplier invoice totals.

3. General ledger summary transfer

DBA accounts are cross-referenced with corresponding accounts in your general ledger. The GL Summary Transfer screen updates your general ledger with manufacturing system account totals.

Transfer from DBA to any accounting system

All transfers are summary transactions with minimal detail that can be made by spreadsheet import or manual entry, which means that DBA can be used with any accounting system.

Buy or sell in foreign currency

With DBA, you can sell or buy in foreign currency by activating foreign currencies and assigning them to selected customers and suppliers. Currency values and exchange rates are included in voucher transfers to your accounting system.

Take your efficiency to the next level

Keeping your existing accounting system enables you to focus on implementing DBA and improving your manufacturing processes without any disruption to the financial side of your business.

If you’ve hit the efficiency wall with your existing manufacturing methods, replace them with Demand Driven MRP and take your company to a new level of efficiency for the Amazon age.

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180 Day Return Policy

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