Custom Reporting

DBA contains many reporting tools and screens that allow you to access your data in meaningful ways.

Data Views

Data views are provided throughout the system for customizable spreadsheet style reporting.

Data View Reporting Tool

  • Sophisticated reporting without need for programming skills
  • Ideal for exporting data to outside applications
  • Selection screen provides a variety of filtering options
  • Data is displayed in a spreadsheet style format
  • Use standard layouts or design your own
  • Add or remove fields as needed
  • Sub-grouping capability, including groups within groups
  • Output to Excel, HTML file, text file, or to the printer

Grid Outputs

Most screens throughout the system have an output function that can be customized and saved for repeat use.

  • Spreadsheet style grids are used on opening lists, lookups, and inquiries
  • Column sorting in ascending or descending order
  • Columns can be dragged to different positions
  • Can save formats and set default format for future use
  • Output to Excel, HTML file, text file, or to the printer

MRP Analysis Codes

Enables you to review MRP settings for a select group of items on a periodic basis.

  • Focus on key items for periodic review of performance vs targets
  • Scheduled activity to ensure consistent periodic review
  • History of activity against each MRP analysis code

Cycle Count Codes

Enables you to perform stock counts for a select group of items on a periodic basis.

  • Focus on key items for periodic stock counts
  • Scheduled counts for best practices in your industry
  • History of counts against each cycle count code

Activity Notes

Provides ability to document activities and schedule followup tasks.

  • User-defined note types and analysis codes
  • Notes attach to jobs, customers, suppliers, items, and descriptors
  • Action date for follow-up
  • Action report lists open and closed notes
  • Each user’s My Action List screen displays open activity notes

Document and Web Linking

Attach documents or web links Items for automatic linking to jobs and sales orders.

  • Augments job travelers with additional documentation
  • Ideal for compliance with ISO-9000 and other documentation requirements
  • Specification Sheets
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Images
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Quality Control Data Collection Sheets
  • Training and Safety Compliance Videos
  • CAD Drawings and Large Files
  • HD Images
  • Website Links

System Customization

The system can be customized a variety of ways to suit your operational preferences without the need for custom programming.

Menu Access by User

  • Menu option level access permissions by user
  • Non-accessible menu options are invisible to the user
  • Inquiry screens (Sales Order Inquiry and Job Inquiry) and Data Views provide read only access to a wealth of data

User-Defined Fields

  • Add up to six fields to items, customers, suppliers, sales orders, jobs, purchase orders
  • Fields can be text fields, date fields, or a set of allowable values
  • Can be used for documentation and reporting

Forms Editing

  • Use forms edit utility to add logos, barcodes, special fields, font changes on forms and labels
  • Customizable forms include purchase order, quote, acknowledgment, packing list, invoice

Item Labels

  • No limit to the number of custom label formats that can be created
  • Generate labels directly from job and PO receipts with header information
  • Lot and serial number printing
  • Stock item labels can be printed as needed

Educational Resources

There are many educational resources available to each DBA User to help you get the most out of the DBA system.

Education Menu Links

From each of the major menus in DBA there is an Education link that provides useful resources to each DBA User

  • Link to the appropriate Workflow Guides
  • Link to all relevant training videos

Screen Help

  • From within the DBA Manufacturing product, you can press the F1 key from any screen to access its corresponding help topic.

Online Documentation

  • Accessed from the Help menu within DBA, F1 Help in the program,  or the Documentation link in the header of our website
  • Contains: Technical Guides, Workflow Guides, Screen Help, Training Guide and Startup Guide
  • Training Guide and Startup Guide have video links provided throughout

Online Support Center

  • Accessed from the Help menu within DBA, or the Support link in the header of our website
  • What’s New section has info on the latest program update
  • Knowledge base
  • Support Ticketing

Support Ticketing

  • If you cannot find what you are looking for we encourage you to enter a support ticket
  • All DBA Users can be set up with support ticketing if your company has an active support subscription
  • Track Ticket History for self and organization
  • Support FAQ

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