Boost Shop Throughput

Do you want to complete jobs faster and on time? DBA will run work centers in job priority order and deploy resources where needed.

Most shops are run manually

Most small manufacturing shops use manual methods to coordinate shop activities. Even when companies use manufacturing software, material and labor transactions are typically entered after events have already occurred.

Manual job expediting is inefficient

When shops are run manually, job expediting is typically used to meet sales order ship dates. Job expediting is inefficient because it favors one job at a time, pushing other jobs aside to idle in work center queues.

When the focus is on one job at a time, your production bottlenecks, impeding your ability to get jobs through the shop.

Keep work in process (WIP) lean with demand driven planning

DBA’s Demand Driven MRP system boosts shop productivity because work in process (WIP) is kept lean with just in time planning. Jobs are only generated when triggered by actual demand from sales order ship dates.

Interdependent demand for standard sell items and subassemblies is consolidated into single jobs in each MRP session. Jobs are only released to WIP when allocated material is available, which enables jobs to be started.

Prioritize jobs in work center queues

All jobs are given a priority calculation based on estimated remaining job days relative to the job’s required date. Job sequences within work center queues are performed in job priority order, so jobs running behind schedule automatically get higher priority than jobs that are ahead of schedule.

When all work centers are run by job priority, jobs are automatically expedited in a balanced, coordinated fashion that helps all jobs meet their required dates.

Identify bottlenecks easily

Work center queues, which contain the backlog of estimated remaining labor hours waiting to be performed, are translated into queue days in DBA. You can compare work center queues and identify production bottlenecks that need attention.

Real time updating boosts your throughput

Within each work center queue, materials are issued to job sequences just in time so that stock on hand is always accurate for MRP generation, job issues, order picking, and stock counts.

Job labor is updated at standard or actual hours when the completed quantity is entered or the sequence is flagged as finished, which updates job priority calculations and work center queues.

With real-time updating, you always know the status of every job and work center without any need for a manual investigation.

Take your efficiency to a new level

Job prioritization and real-time updating are essential elements in boosting the overall efficiency of your manufacturing system. If you’ve hit the efficiency wall with your existing planning and shop control methods, replace them with Time to Shipment MRP and take your company to a new level of efficiency for the Amazon age.

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