What is a support subscription?

A support subscription is a recurring fee that entitles all licensed users in your company to establish an account and password for access to our online support center. Within the support center, they can view training videos, submit support tickets, and have access to our extensive product knowledge base and online documentation.

Support Subscription Terms of Use

Is a support subscription mandatory?

A support subscription is required as part of your licensing agreement.   Support ticketing is provided to all of your licensed employees at your company for a single flat fee subscription.

Is per-incident support available?

We do not offer per-incident support. In our experience, a low-cost, flat fee subscription billing model is superior to fee-for-service billing models. Per-incident or per-minute support can run costs up in a hurry and discourages companies from using enough support.

Are tickets the only way to initiate support assistance?

Each event in our support system is initiated and driven by a ticket, so please do not call the sales office or try to initiate support assistance by any other means other than submitting a support ticket.

The support ticketing system is e-mail based and is not a phone-based system. There may be occasions where we elect to use the phone to help solve a problem, but phone support is provided solely at our discretion.

How is emergency support handled?

Our support staff monitors the ticket queue in real time throughout our business day (8am-5pm Central Time).

The moment a ticket arrives that merits an emergency response, we help the customer by whatever means we deem to be most suitable for solving the problem, whether it is a return ticket, a phone call, or remote access connection to your computer.