Where does my information go?

DBA Software, Inc. creates and maintains a database of our customers, technical contacts, and sales prospects.   We have a strict privacy policy and will never share your information with any anyone for any reason.

What happens when I register?

All registrants receive a subscription to our eNewsletter and are notified of future product updates.   All newsletter emails have an unsubscribe option if you wish to stop receiving them.

Eligible prospects will be notified via an automated email series of any special promotional pricing available to them.

Who will be emailing you?

DBA Software, Inc. will send automated emails from info@dbasoftware.com and newsletter emails via Constant Contact from news@dbasoftware.com.

Am I going to get any phone calls?

Providing a phone number is optional with your registration.   Our sales approach is low pressure and we do not employ technical sales persons.  A customer service rep may contact you to see how your demo system is progressing, discuss pricing/licensing options, and ensure that you understand how to utilize our Ask DBA service for product related questions.

How do I update my contact information?

If you have had a change in information since your initial registration, you can contact us at accounting@dbasoftware.com and provide your updated details.