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The DBA Story

The Hart Manufacturing Years

DBA Software Inc. was founded in 1992 by a father and son team, Warren and Mike Hart, who learned manufacturing from the ground up at Hart Manufacturing Co., Glendale, California, the family business that was started in 1927 by Harold Hart and managed for over 30 years by Warren Hart. The company made watering and feeding systems for poultry and had a diversified manufacturing operation that included injection molding, extrusion, metal fabrication, machining, and assembly.

The Consulting Years

Hart Manufacturing Co. was a pioneer in computer automation and used one of the first in-house MRP systems for a company of its size. After the company was sold in the mid 1980s, Warren and Mike leveraged their computer experience to sell manufacturing software to other companies and ultimately represented five software packages of differing price levels and complexity.

The Founding of DBA Software

The Harts felt these manufacturing packages were too costly and complicated for small businesses. Unable to find a software package that fit their vision of the ideal system, Warren and Mike formed DBA Software Inc. in 1992 for the purpose of developing a small business alternative to mid-market ERP systems.

The Success of DBA Classic

The company's first generation product, the original DBA Manufacturing (now named DBA Classic), was an immediate success. Over 7,000 systems were sold during its decade as the company's flagship product. This success was based on a simple formula: develop common sense software and sell it directly to end users for a reasonable price.

DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation

In 2004 the company introduced DBA Manufacturing Next-Generation, which featured an all-new design and technology platform, including a built-in SQL database. Like its predecessor, the Next-Generation product is a small business ERP system designed to fit most manufacturing businesses.

The Austin Technical Center

In 2004 the company opened a new tech center in Austin, Texas, to provide a centrally located facility for its support and programming staff. The Austin operation is managed by another Hart family member, Joe Hart.


DBA is the only manufacturing system designed for self-implementation. Any company willing to put in time and effort can follow the steps in the company's Implementation Planner to get the system up and running, using the company's support for help with questions.

Unique Sales Model

Today DBA markets its software worldwide using a unique sales model that is based on self-help evaluation tools, low cost, single package pricing, and a 180-day return policy.

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