Our Self-Help Sales Model

The Traditional Sales Model

ERP systems subject you to a "high touch" process involving salespeople, resellers, needs analysis, presentations, proposals, references, site visits, contracts, consultants, and trainers - all of which drive up the cost of manufacturing software.

The DBA Alternative

By contrast, we provide "self-help" evaluation tools that enable you to explore the software on your own. We do not use technical salespeople, furnish quotations or proposals, use resellers, or give out references. In return, we pass the savings along to you with a dramatically lower product price and ongoing costs.

How We Save You Money

We Do Not Use Technical Salespeople

Our self-help evaluation tools enable you to explore the software on your own, at your own pace. If you have technical questions, you can use our "Ask DBA" service to submit questions to our support staff.

We Do Not Furnish Quotations or Proposals

DBA sells for a single package price, openly published on our website, that includes all product options.

We Do Not Use Resellers

All sales -- software, support, and maintenance - are made directly by us to you, the end user, which gives us a direct relationship with all our customers.

We Do Not Impose on Our Customers

Instead of imposing on our customers' time and privacy by giving out references, we let the product speak for itself with our unique 180 day return policy, the strongest in the manufacturing software industry.

What We Offer You

Self-Help Evaluation Tools

You can download our free single-user evaluation system, which is a live copy of the actual software. The free system includes our "DBA Video Library" of online video presentations, FAQs, feature listings, online Help, and user guides.

Download Free Evaluation System »

"Ask DBA" Service

If you have product questions, you are welcome to use our "Ask DBA" service to submit questions to our support staff.

Low Cost Package Price

DBA is sold for a single package price, based on the total number of users desired. All modules and product features are included, along with the Firebird™ SQL database.

Small Business Manufacturing System

DBA is designed for small businesses and includes all the core functions that are universal to all manufacturing companies.

Self-Implementation Capability

Any company willing to put in time and effort can follow the steps in our Implementation Planner to get the system up and running without requiring outside help. If you choose to get outside help, any accountant or consultant can follow the same process so that you get more for your service dollar.

180-Day Return Policy

DBA is the only company in the manufacturing software industry that offers a 180-day return option. If for any reason DBA is not for you, return the software within 180-days of your initial system purchase and we will send you a full refund of all monies paid, including support.

Lowest Ongoing Cost of Ownership

Ongoing support is provided at a discounted subscription renewal rate and all product updates are covered by a 15% annual license fee.

Worldwide Sales & Support

Small businesses in a long list of countries operate using DBA software. Our support is delivered worldwide via a state-of-the art ticketing system. With our self-help sales model, self-implementation process, and direct sales over the Internet, DBA is the ideal small business manufacturing system no matter where you may be located.