Web-Based Sales Model

Can I use the demo system as a trial by entering my own data?

The free demo system is not intended or designed to be used as a trial system. It is a demonstration system with sample data that enables you to assess the "Total Control" process workflow screens and reports with the aid of video presentations and education links to workflow guides and video guidelines.

The only way to properly enter your data is to perform the tasks in our Startup Wizard, which includes extensive use of our data import utility. The Startup Wizard and data import utility are not included with the demo system because they are only practical for use during actual implementation when appropriate time can be devoted and support is available when needed.

DBA is backed by a 180 day return policy, so if at any point during the Startup Wizard process you feel DBA is not for you, you can return the software and get a full refund. As you advance through the Startup Wizard, you will learn how much easier and more efficient it is to use software to actively manage all your workflow processes instead of doing things on your own with manual planning and expediting. By the time you get to startup day, your system will be properly set up and users fully rehearsed for live operations.

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