Bill of Manufacturing

How does the bill of manufacturing differ from a bill of materials?

In light manufacturing systems manufacturing specifications are limited to a basic bill of materials, which is a list of the components that comprise the item. Labor and subcontract service processing specifications are ignored and must be maintained manually on spreadsheets or other documents.

By contrast, DBA is based on a bill of manufacturing (BOM), which goes far beyond a basic bill of materials to include revisions, batch sizes, labor sequences with work centers and cycle times, tasks, subcontract service sequences with supplier prices, components with job notes and references, multiple outputs, and attached documents and web links. All BOM specifications flow through to job details and print on the job traveler.

The BOM provides the underlying infrastructure for product costing, MRP, and shop control. It enables DBA to be used for any type of manufactured product, including discrete, custom, batch, remanufactured, and disassembled items.

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