Inventory Control

Inventory control maintains the accuracy of on hand quantities that is absolutely essential for MRP generation and job release. Accuracy is enhanced through location control, lot and serial control, real time receipts, issues, and picking, and cycle counts.

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What does inventory control do for you?

Inventory control is a set of processes that updates and maintains accurate on hand quantities. Inventory control provides the following features and benefits:

  • An accurate, real time inventory enables jobs and POs to be generated by MRP, which eliminates the over-stocking and time-phased shortages that are inherent to manual planning.
  • An accurate, real time inventory enables jobs to be released to production and rescheduled based on material availability.
  • Items are stored in specific inventory locations, which facilitates receiving, issuing, picking, counting, and transferring transactions and reduces errors.
  • Items can be flagged for lot or serial control with full traceability though past inventory transactions.
  • Materials are issued to jobs in real time when they are used rather than after-the-fact when jobs are finished. This aligns on hand quantities with actual stock quantities.
  • Stock counts are easy to perform, which facilitates cycle counting for bulk raw materials such as plastics are difficult to track at job level and have usage quantities that vary from job to job.
  • DBA includes sales orders so that all inventory transactions, including order picking, are performed within a single system with consistent processes.