MRP compares sales order demand with stock on hand and generates the master job and PO schedule based on item order policies. Items can be made or purchased to order or to a target supply days based on a monthly forecast.

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Training - MRP Generation

What does MRP do for you?

MRP is the core process that originates the master job and PO schedule. MRP provides the following features and benefits:

  • Helps you ship orders faster and on time using less inventory and WIP
  • Minimizes shortages, over-stocking, and expediting
  • Uses six item settings to drive job and PO generation
  • Handles to order, to stock, and mixed mode planning
  • Uses monthly forecasts to calculate reorder points and min order quantities
  • Establishes sales order target shipping dates
  • Generates jobs directly from sales order lines for customized items
  • Consolidates interdependent demand whenever possible
  • Responds only to short term net demand that needs current action
  • Uses review notes to handle special planning requirements
  • Facilitates PO supplier and pricing maintenance
  • Generates a pipeline of staggered POs for long lead day items
  • Coordinates master schedule dates on a just in time basis

Our design is optimized for small business

We've designed our MRP system so that it can be successfully used by companies of any size, especially small businesses, for these reasons:

  • MRP provides all essential planning features and functions, each of which is kept as simple as possible
  • MRP generation is fast and efficient so that it can be run daily in smaller processing increments
  • MRP is driven by six item settings that use similar logic to what is intuitively used with manual planning
  • The master schedule is simplified and easier to work with because it is confined to requirements that need current action
  • All calculations and values are transparent and easy to follow