Sales Orders

The ultimate purpose of the manufacturing system is to fulfill customer orders. Sales orders provide the top-level demand that drives MRP generation. Sales orders are also used for order picking, shipping, and invoicing.

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What do sales orders do for you?

Sales orders provide the demand that drives MRP generation and job and shipment priority and the details that drive shipping and invoicing. Sales orders include the following features and benefits:

  • Line item quantities and required dates provide the demand that drives MRP generation and job and shipment priority.
  • Required dates for made to order items are calculated based on item MRP settings and provide target shipping dates that can be furnished to customers.
  • Quotes are used to generate one-off items and BOMs for customization followed by conversion to sales orders for custom job generation.
  • The shipment planner lists sales orders that are ready to ship, sorted in priority order based on earliest required date.
  • Pricing options include base prices, price levels, contract prices, and discount codes.
  • Taxation accommodates USA or international VAT/GST requirements, along with Canadian tax itemization on invoice footers.

Our design is optimized for small business

We've designed our sales orders so that it can be successfully used by companies of any size, especially small businesses, for these reasons:

  • Sales orders and MRP are closely coordinated so that reliable shipping dates can be furnished to customers for items made to order.
  • Sales order invoices are converted into single-line voucher style invoices that get transferred to your financial accounting system for receivables tracking and payment processing.