Shop Control

Shop control is used to execute the master schedule. Jobs are released to production in the correct order of multi-level assembly based on material availability. Job sequences are assigned to workers in job priority order within work centers. Materials are issued to jobs in real time and job labor is updated as job sequences are finished. Subcontract service POs are generated and received in real time as needed. Finished items are received to stock and jobs are closed to complete the job processing cycle.

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What does shop control do for you?

Shop control is the means by which shop activities are coordinated to complete jobs. Shop control provides the following features and benefits:

  • Releases jobs to production in proper order based on material availability
  • Reschedules jobs as needed to reflect the actual release date
  • Eliminates the need for manual expediting by automatically prioritizing jobs relative to required dates
  • Lists started and ready job sequences within work center queues for worker assignments
  • Enables real time material issues to jobs prior to starting associated job sequences
  • Enables real time labor updating as job sequences are finished
  • Enables real time generation and receipt of subcontract POs for outside services performed during the course of jobs
  • Tracks late jobs and POs and the effects on dependent jobs and sales orders
  • Tracks load days and queue days at the work center and overall shop level