Pricing & Ordering

We keep pricing and ordering simple with a single package price, flat fee support subscription, and annual license fee.

How to order

Click any of the Buy links to order online or call 1-800-995-1959 or 805-461-350 to order by phone.

180 day full refund if not satisfied

If for any reason DBA is not for you, return the software within 180 days of your initial system purchase and we will send you a full refund of all monies paid, including support.

New System

New system purchase consists of two items: software and support. The DBA Manufacturing software handles 5-50 users and is licensed and priced in 5-user increments. Support is provided via a flat fee 6-month support subscription.

5-User Packs = $2995 Each + $495 Support   Buy »

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Additional Users

Your DBA system can be expanded any time after initial system purchase to accommodate your growth. Additional users are licensed and priced in 5-user increments.

5-User Packs = $2995 Each   Buy »

Support Subscription

Ongoing support is provided via a flat fee subscription that is renewed every six months. The startup rate applies to the initial 6-month period. Subsequent periods are automatically billed at the discounted renewal rate, provided that your subscription is maintained without interruption. If you allow your subscription to expire and order a new subscription at a later date, the startup rate applies once again.

6-Month Subscription, Startup Rate = $495   Buy »

6-Month Subscription, Renewal Rate = $295

Support »

Annual License (Updates)

There are two ongoing costs associated with operating the system, support, which is optional, and the annual license fee, which is required. The annual license fee renews your license and entitles you to receive all product updates at no extra charge. You are billed for the fee each year on your original purchase anniversary date.

Annual License = $89.85 per User

Annual License »