Annual License Fee

What is the annual fee?

The annual license fee is a required fee (per our license agreement) that renews your license each year and entitles you to receive all product updates at no extra charge.

How does the annual fee benefit you?

There are two basic pricing models used by enterprise software companies to charge for product updates: an annual fee or a new version upgrade price. We believe the annual fee is far superior because it ensures that you are always on the current version of the product for a modest and predictable cost compared to the relatively high and unpredictable prices charged for new versions.

When is the fee due?

The fee is due one year after your original system purchase date and is due on that same date each year thereafter.

How is the fee calculated?

The annual fee applies to your total user count at time of renewal and is based on 15% of the software list price. The current annual fee is $89.85 per user.

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