User Licensing

Each user who is to have access to the system is assigned a User ID, which is used to log on to the system from any computer workstation on the network.

Multiple users are licensed on a "named user" basis. This means that if your license is for 10-users, in the User Setup screen you can select the Active checkbox against any 10 specific User IDs. There is no limit to the number of User IDs that can be created, but the number of User IDs designated as active is limited by your license key.

What Is Included

The software price includes all the modules listed on the left, plus the Firebird™ database. There are no software options or add-ons.

Physical Installation

Only one copy of the software is installed, either on a central server or, in the case of a peer-to-peer network, on a shared workstation, along with the Firebird™ database. A small program is installed on each computer workstation that connects and provides access to the central server or shared workstation.

Additional Company Licensing

The software license provides you with a Main Company for actual use and a Sample Company for reference purposes. If you need one or more additional companies, separate purchase and licensing is required for each company.

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