Replace Your Light Assembly Processes

Have you hit the efficiency wall with assembly builds and self-devised processes? Replace your grab bag of light assembly workarounds with DBA's "Total Control" process workflow and you can take your company to a new level of efficiency and profits.

Replace Self-Devised Methods with "Total Control"

Old way: Light assembly systems are limited to assembly builds, which forces you to devise your own planning, costing, and scheduling methods to compensate for the lack of core manufacturing processes.

DBA way: DBA's "Total Control" process workflow boost your efficiency by addressing all the core functions that are performed by all manufacturing businesses. More »

Keep Your Accounting and Payroll System

Old way: Replacing your light assembly processes with an ERP system would require you to convert all your accounting and payroll processes.

DBA way: With DBA as your manufacturing solution you continue to use your payroll and accounting system for all your financial processes -- including receivables, payables, banking, and financial reporting -- which greatly simplifies system implementation because no accounting conversion is required. More »

Replace Generic Sales Orders with Manufacturing Sales Orders

Old way: The generic sales orders included in small business accounting packages lack core manufacturing features.

DBA way: DBA sales orders are designed for manufacturing with base prices, price levels, discount codes, contract pricing, quotes, line item required dates, one-off item generation, and custom to order job generation. More »

Replace Guesswork with Calculated Ship Dates

Old way: Generic sales orders do not calculate make to order ship dates and therefore you must devise your own workarounds for estimating times to shipment.

DBA way: Times to shipment are planned in advance based on item job days allocations and order policies of subassemblies and materials so that ship dates are automatically calculated during sales order entry and quote conversion. More »

Replace Custom Assemblies with One-Off BOMs

Old way: Light assembly builds have no customization features and therefore you must devise your own workarounds for customizing existing products or creating and costing custom products from scratch.

DBA way: A complete custom manufacturing process workflow is provided whereby a one-off BOM can be generated during quote entry from an existing BOM or from scratch and is then customized as needed prior to quote conversion and job generation. More »

Replace Static Shortage Reports with MRP

Old way: Most planners using a light assembly system rely on static shortage reports to plan assembly builds and POs.

DBA way: MRP displays all the same information as a shortage report, but is more efficient because it is time-phased, generates progressively BOM level by BOM level, and automatically converts planned jobs and POs.More »

Replace Fixed Stocking Levels with Calculated Reorder Points

Old way: Fixed stocking levels are used to maintain on hand inventory for to stock items and lead to over-stocking and shortages because they fail to take into account the time-phased nature of supply and demand events.

DBA way: Inventory for to stock items is minimized without risk of shortages using demand-driven reorder points calculated from expected monthly usage and item replenish time. More »

Replace Blanket POs with Supply Days Intervals

Old way: Blanket POs are commonly used to schedule supplier deliveries over time in anticipation of expected demand.

DBA way: Demand-driven POs are automatically generated at regular intervals based on a forecast-derived reorder point combined with a supply days target. More »

Replace Assembly Builds with Full-Featured Jobs

Old way: Light assembly builds are limited to BOM details, but labor processes and subcontract service details must be manually added or appended to build travelers.

DBA way: Routings are used to define the labor and subcontract service processes used to make your products, which enables labor and overhead costing at work center rates and process documentation that flows through to the job traveler. More »

Replace Component Labor with Routings

Old way: The only way to incorporate labor and subcontract service details costs in light assembly builds is to set them up as BOM components.

DBA way: Routings are used to define the labor and subcontract service processes used to make your products, which enables labor and overhead costing at work center rates and process documentation that flows through to the job traveler. More »

Replace Component Backflushing with Real-Time Job Issues

Old way: Light assembly builds deduct components after the fact when finished items are received, which means you must devise workaround methods to determine what's actually on hand versus what's already been issued to builds in progress.

DBA way: Components are issued to jobs in real time and their costs (along with labor and overhead costs) are tracked in a self-adjusting WIP account, which means you always know exactly what's on hand as well as the total value of work in process. More »

Replace Manual Expediting with Job Prioritization

Old way: Schedule dates must be manually assigned to light assembly builds and manual build expediting is used to prioritize builds in the shop.

DBA way: Jobs are automatically assigned start and finish dates when generated and are automatically rescheduled and prioritized in work center queues when materials become available and jobs are released to production. More »

Save Money with our Startup Wizard

Old way: Costly onsite consultants are used to set up the general ledger, import data, write custom programs, train users, and provide implementation guidance.

DBA way: No custom programming is required and the Startup Wizard guides you with documentation and videos through sequential setup, data import, and user training tasks leading up to startup day when you activate the system for live use. More »

180 Day Full Refund if Not Satisfied

Old way: The typical 30 day return period is not nearly enough time to assess a complete manufacturing software package.

DBA way: If for any reason DBA Manufacturing is not for you, return the software within 180 days of initial system purchase and we will send you a full refund of all monies paid.

Benefit from Our Experience

Old way: Light assembly systems lack basic planning, scheduling, and costing processes that must be compensated for with custom programming and other self-devised workarounds.

DBA way: Since our inception in 1992 we have developed and refined our planning, scheduling, and costing processes and proven implementation methodology to provide small manufacturing businesses with a total control alternative to under-featured light assembly systems and over-complicated ERP systems.