Replace Your ERP System

If you are using an over-complicated ERP system with high support and maintenance costs, replace it with DBA's "Total Control" process workflow and an accounting system of choice and you retain all the functionality of ERP without the cost and complexity. More »

ERP Functionality without the Complexity

Old way: ERP systems offer full manufacturing functionality, but are scaled for larger enterprises and burden users with extra settings and processing steps.

DBA way: You get all the same workflow processes as any ERP system, but settings and processing steps are scaled appropriately for small business. More »

Use with any Accounting or Payroll System

Old way: ERP systems require the use of financial modules designed for larger enterprises with divisions, branches, and profit centers.

DBA way: DBA is a self-contained manufacturing system that can be used with any accounting system, which means you can replace your costly and complicated ERP financial modules with an accounting package of choice. More »

Total Manufacturing Control for a Small Business Price

Old way: ERP systems are large-scale capital investments.

DBA way: Our web-based sales model enables us to provide you with a complete manufacturing software solution at a fraction of ERP cost - only $1995 for the first 5-user pack, $1495 for additional 5-user packs, and 9 months free support. More »

Slash Your Annual Costs

Old way: With an ERP system you pay substantial annual maintenance and support fees that are out of proportion to the size of your business.

DBA way: An ongoing support subscription is only $295 every six months and annual license is only $89.85 per user and covers all product updates. More »

Easy to Assess

Old way: Because ERP systems address every aspect of the enterprise within a single software package, they are difficult to assess and compare, which necessitates a high touch sales process that includes needs analysis, presentations, site visits, and proposals.

DBA way: Because DBA focuses solely on manufacturing processes, the software is easy to assess by downloading the free demo system and reviewing website product specifications and FAQs. More »

No User Exposure to GL Accounts

Old way: Users must specify inventory, WIP, sales, and COGS accounts when setting up items and entering non-stock purchase orders, which often causes posting errors that are difficult to detect and fix.

DBA way: GL account assignments are made in advance to system default accounts with optional exceptions for sales, COGS, and miscellaneous purchases so that users are never exposed to GL accounts on any setup or processing screens, which keeps all financial decisions under the control of your accounting department. More »

Common Sense MRP

Old way: ERP system MRP modules are notoriously difficult to use and maintain because of the large number of item settings, multi-bucket forecasts, and opaque results.

DBA way: Five common sense item settings are used to automatically generate jobs and POs on a just in time basis so that subassemblies and materials are on hand when needed by job planned start dates. More »

Custom to Order Manufacturing

Old way: Many traditional ERP systems are structured for standard products and are not well suited for custom to order manufacturing.

DBA way: A complete custom manufacturing process workflow is provided whereby a one-off BOM can be generated during quote entry from an existing BOM or from scratch and is then customized as needed prior to quote conversion and job generation. More »

Multi-Plant Solution

Old way: Multi-plant ERP software is extremely complicated because plant designation is required to distinguish work centers, costs, inventories, sales order origin and fulfillment, MRP generation, purchase order origin and receipt, and job origin

DBA way: Each plant is given its own independent DBA Manufacturing system using sales orders and purchase orders for inter-plant transactions and financial transfer to update its own accounting system or a consolidated accounting system. More »

Smaller-Scale Plant Solution for ERP System

Old way: You have smaller-scale plants within a multi-facility ERP system that would be run more efficiently with their own independent manufacturing software.

DBA way: Instead of operating smaller-scale facilities with multi-plant ERP software, each plant can be furnished with its own DBA manufacturing system with financial transfer to the central accounting system. More »

Save Money with Our Startup Wizard

Old way: ERP implementation requires onsite consultants and trainers and often costs more than the software itself.

DBA way: The Startup Wizard, backed by our support, guides you with documentation and videos through sequential setup and user training tasks leading up to startup day when you activate the system for live use. More »

180 Day Full Refund if Not Satisfied

Old way: The typical 30 day return period is not nearly enough time to assess a complete manufacturing software package.

DBA way: If for any reason DBA Manufacturing is not for you, return the \ software within 180 days of initial system purchase and we will send you a full refund of all monies paid.

Benefit from Our Experience

Old way:ERP systems are designed to meet the needs of large-scale enterprises and are overkill for small business.

DBA way: Since our inception in 1992 we have developed and refined our planning, scheduling, and costing processes and proven implementation methodology to provide small manufacturing businesses with a total control alternative to under-featured light assembly systems and over-complicated ERP systems.