#4 Coordinate Work Centers

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The fourth essential process is to coordinate your work centers.

All manufacturing companies have the same challenge when it comes to running the shop - what job sequence should be run next in each work center? With lots of work centers and lots of jobs, this is not easy to do, which is why most shops rely heavily on manual expediting to get jobs through the shop.

Here we are looking at the Work Center Schedule screen for a typical work center. In the grid we see all the job sequences that are started or waiting to get started, sorted in job priority order.

When you run work center sequences in job priority order, no job can leapfrog out of order to get to the head of the line, which benefits that one job, but at the expense of all the other jobs. Instead, job priorities are kept in balance so that all jobs can stay on schedule.

Coordinating work centers is an essential element in boosting your manufacturing efficiency. Instead of running the shop by guesswork and expediting, with DBA you run work center sequences in job priority order so that jobs are automatically expedited to meet required dates.