#2 Generate a Master Schedule

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The second essential process is to generate a master schedule.

All manufacturing companies have the same fundamental challenge when planning sales orders, jobs, and POs. When can orders be shipped and what items need to be made and purchased to meet target shipping dates?

The MRP screen is used to generate jobs and POs within a time-phased master schedule. where all supply dates are coordinated with dependent demand dates.

MRP is run daily to respond immediately to new demand and takes very little time. Each MRP session begins with planned job generation for one-off, custom items, then job generation for sell items, then level by level job generation for subassemblies, followed by PO generation.

Within any given planned job or PO, the supply date is always perfectly aligned with the required date for dependent demand.

Generating a master schedule is an essential element in boosting your manufacturing efficiency. Instead of struggling with tedious manual planning, inefficient quantities and unreliable dates, and all the expediting that goes with it, with DBA you generate jobs and POs quickly and efficiently within a coordinated master schedule that gives you an action plan for shipping on time.