#3 Release Jobs with Material

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The third essential process is to release jobs with material.

All manufacturing companies have the same fundamental challenge -- when can jobs be started and in what order?

In DBA the Release Jobs screen is used to release jobs to production based on material availability from subassembly jobs, inbound POs, and stock on hand. As each job gets released, it gets a new finish date. This way the master schedule gets automatically adjusted to reflect actual conditions on the ground.

Releasing jobs with material is an essential element in boosting your manufacturing efficiency. Instead of guessing or investigating which jobs have material to get started, or having to rob material from some jobs in order to start other jobs - with DBA you avoid all this by using MRP to cover all job demand and by allocating material to jobs so you know exactly which jobs can be released to production at any given time. An additional benefit is that the master schedule gets automatically adjusted without any need for manual intervention.