3. Custom Item Entry

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This segment only applies to one-off custom products that are unique to each customer order.

A one-off item is initiated within a Quote, here on the Sales menu. To enter a new quote, click the New Quote button. Select the Customer from the lookup. Enter the Customer PO number, if applicable. Click the OK button.

All the details on the Header tab are pre-filled from the customer record. Click the Details tab.

Click the New Line button. Here in the Line Type field, select the One-Off option, which launches the One-Off Item Generator. We are going to modify an existing product, so we select the BOM Copy option. We select the Custom to Order Wagon from the lookup.

The program automatically assigns the One-Off Item ID, Item Category, and Description. Enter the Order Qty. Click the Generate button to generate the one-off item and corresponding bill of manufacturing.

We now go to the Bills of Manufacturing screen, here on the BOM menu. Here on the List tab we see our one-off BOM. On the Routing tab, modify or enter any processes that are required for this custom order. On the Components tab, modify or enter any components that are required for this custom order.

We now go to the Cost Rollup screen. Select the one-off item and click the Single Rollup button. Here we see the estimated cost. Using your calculator, apply an appropriate margin or markup over cost to establish the desired selling price.

Return to the Quote screen. Select the quote on the List tab and click the Details tab. Enter the price in the Price field. Click the Quote button to Email or print the quote.

When the customer confirms the order, return to the Quote and click the Convert button. Click Yes to convert the quote to a live sales order. The Sales Orders screen is automatically displayed. Here on the List tab is the new sales order.

Click the Details tab. Here is the one-off item. The program automatically updates the Required date, which is calculated from the item's Lead Days and Job Days allocations. This serves as an estimated shipping date that can be furnished to the customer and is the demand date that drives MRP generation.

In summary, the objectives of quote entry are to generate a one-off item and BOM, to enter or modify the BOM for customization details, to establish the cost and selling price, confirm the order with the customer, then convert the quote to a sales order so that it receives an update Required date and is ready for MRP job conversion.